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There are two separate schemes under which Ukrainians can come to the UK to escape the war.

  1. The Ukraine Family Scheme is for people who already have family in the UK.

  2. The Homes for Ukraine scheme is for people who want to become a sponsor and host a Ukrainian national. This website is mostly information about the second scheme. The support is being put in place right now, so we will be adding new content on a regular basis. Please check back frequently for any updates.




  • Register your interest with the government web site.


  • Find a guest – There are many ways to do this now ither through charity or informally through another guest.


  • Find someone to help – We have set up the Facebook page Hosts 4 Ukrainians Hampshire for this reason. There are also multiple Whats App groups depending on your area

  • Winchester

  • Bordon

  • Alresford 

  • Andover

  • Petersfield

  • Emsworth

  • Liss

  • Fareham & Gosport Dorset

  • Dorset

  • Chandlers Ford


  • Have a chat. Most people find a video chat is best. Be prepared to ask the difficult questions about things that concern you. Tell your prospective guest at the start that you will need some time to think about it and call them back if you want to go further. This gives you both an opportunity to back out without pressure.


  • Apply for a visa - Once a visa is approved, a DBS check will be arranged, and someone from the council will visit to make sure the accommodation is suitable – own bedroom, access to bathroom, fire alarms, heating, water, and carbon monoxide alarm if got gas. If you have no CO alarm, they won’t fail you – you will just need to go get one and send them a picture. On arrival guest will get a £200 pre-payment card from Council, they will help sort benefits, NI number, English lessons etc and provide wrap around support!


  • Settle in - You will need to help them to settle in once they arrive. This will be time consuming, but probably rewarding. As our group learns more, we will expand on this advice.



People are rightly cautious about inviting a complete stranger to live in their home. Most people seeking sanctuary in the UK are simply fleeing a war zone, and will be enormously grateful for a safe place to stay. A very few may not be under threat, but see this as a chance to visit the UK. A handful may have malicious intent.


There are several steps that potential hosts can take to minimise the risks.


  1. Ask to be their friend on Facebook/Instagram/Tic Toc or whatever and look at what they post there.

  2. Arrange a video call via zoom or whatsapp so you can see who they are and have a chat

  3. If you ask them to email, you can do a basic check on where they are in the world by looking at the time zone in the email header

  4. How will it affect my finances?


Hosting a refugee will require a significant commitment in time and energy – more than just providing a room. They may need help with school, doctors, claiming benefits, finding their way around. However, despite some scare stories going around on the internet, it should not affect your finances. You should not need to send money for transport to the UK.  They will be guests for council tax purposes. Any increased utility bills should be covered by the £350pm offered by the government. They will be given £200 on arrival to cover costs until their Universal Credit is sorted. While most will be keen to work, encourage them to accept help. They will need time to recover.



Just as about 10% of the have chosen not to have a covid vaccination, some Ukrainians are also unvaccinated. For some this is due to lack of opportunity, but for some it is a choice. You may want to ask potential guests about their vaccination status and views. Once here, they will be eligible for any top up jabs they need – but may need to register with a GP first.



We hope to offer you the support you will need to take the next step on this journey. Below is a number of sites that may help you.


Reset Communities & Refugees -

Opora Matching Site -

Hosts 4 Ukrainians Hampshire UK -


Please remember that guests may not have easy access to power and might not have their phones on all the time, so be patient.

Telegram has been a more widely used messaging system in Ukraine, however it has been considered compromised.


Not many guests are familiar with whats App, it really depends on age range.


Facebook is often used and can be very helpful for calling and videoing.