Filling out the Application Form

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Filling out the form has proved challenging for a lot of people. Here are some of the problems people have found, and some solutions.

It is best to fill out the form with your guest. If this is not possible (e.g. internet too unreliable) an alternative may be to send them this document, and get them to fill it in and return it. You then fill in everything.

Get them to send you photos of the documents you will need first – photo of the passport, proof of living in Ukraine etc.

Convert the photos to pdf before you begin. You can do this by opening up the photo on your computer and pressing control-P to print it. Don’t print though – use the arrow to select print to PDF and save this as a file. Or you can use this online tool. If either of you are worried about sending sensitive documents over the internet, use WhatsApp or Telegram, which are encrypted.

Fill in the form yourself, with your guest online to answer any questions.

Do the whole thing in one go, which will take about an hour. The site says you can do some and go back to it later. For some people, this has not worked at all.

Once you have finished, log back in to make sure all the documents you submitted have been uploaded correctly. Sometimes these seem to go mysteriously missing. If you can, take a screenshot of the page so you have proof.

Share the password to the site with your guests, so that you can each check that everything is correct.

The government form is not great as it does not currently have a Ukrainian translation. These may help.

Before you start the Visa Applications:

Sponsor and repeat information for all people over 18 at the same address

Full name

Date of birth

Phone number

Email address

Address and date when started living there

Country of nationality

Passport number

Country of issue

Issue and expiry date

 Any other names?

 Relationship status

Local authority

Any convictions etc?

Ukrainian guest 1 application for each person including children.

 Український гість. 1 заявка на кожну особу, включаючи дітей.

Full name

Повне ім’я

Date of birth

Дата народження

Mobile number

Номер мобільного

Email address

Адреса електронної пошти

Last address in Ukraine

остання адреса в Україні

Relationship status

Сімейний стан

Country of nationality

Країна національності

Country of birth

Країна народження

Place of birth (city or province)

Місце народження (місто або провінція)

Passport number

Номер паспорта

Issuing authority

Орган, який видав документ

Issue and expiry date

Випуск і термін придатності

Family members travelling with you

Члени сім’ї подорожують з вами

Any other names and dates of changes

 Будь-які інші назви та дати змін

Date you plan to arrive in UK

Дата, коли ви плануєте прибути до Великобританії

Any convictions etc?

Якісь судимості тощо?

For children will need details of both parents, if possible, full name, date of birth, country of birth Для дітей знадобляться дані обох батьків, якщо можливо, ПІБ, дата народження, країна народження

Documentary evidence needed:

Picture of passport information page changed to PDF

 Evidence of residency in Ukraine on 1.1.22

Необхідні документальні докази:

Зображення сторінки паспортної інформації змінено на PDF

 Довідка про проживання в Україні 1.1.22

Need Help with form filling then we have a whats app group that can help with this