Prepare for Arrival

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Things you can be doing while you wait

Visa applications completed and waiting for permission-to-travel letters? Here are some thoughts on things you can be doing to prepare while you wait.

 1) go to doctors and ask for forms to register a new patient – no need to explain anything else just ask for the forms

2) get hold of some PAYG SIM cards for mobile phones

3) Print out local bus and train timetables, map out the common routes they might need and find out the fare costs

4) Make links with any local Ukrainian communities already in your area

5) Check your smoke alarms are all working

6) Make sure you have parental controls set on your TV streaming and internet connections, if necessary.

7) Consider getting some timers on your TV and WiFi so they switch off at night (if necessary)

8) Think about what rules you may need or want in your home – write them out and use Google translate to get in Ukrainian

9) Research and read up on trauma responses and behaviours…..

10) Try to pick up a few key Ukrainian phrases

11) Get some more house keys cut

12) Search your local area to see if you can find polish or Ukrainian shops

13) Join a what’s app group with all your guests, chat daily and check in with them. Don’t stress if you don’t hear from them though – they may have trouble charging phones etc. They have enough to worry about without feeling guilty that they haven’t been in touch.

14)If you are welcoming kids into your home make sure you have safe storage for all medications, cleaning materials and toxic items. They will be in bottles and containers that kids will not recognise. High up or lockable cupboards.

15) If you are welcoming women or girls who have reached puberty stock up on a selection of sanitary products and leave them in their rooms.

16) Find your local free stuff groups on Facebook

17) Underwear – have a few packs of spare underwear in sizes that might work….

18) Pack away anything you have any significant emotional attachment to. Things will get broken

19) Get the forms to register for your local library.

20) Block out your time for you. Plan ways for you to keep your hobbies and activities for you.

Learning the Language

Even if your guest has a second language that you speak fluently, a few words of Ukrainian might help them feel welcome:

Duolingo is a free online learning tool

Andrey Taranov – Ukrainian English Phrasebook